The first Italian fair to restart The MPs Tasso and Amitrano alongside the sector. Mayor de Magistris on De Luca: "He exaggerated".

Napoli, 5 OCTOBER 2020

Italian parliamentarians, Antonio Tasso (Mixed group) and Alessandro Amitrano (M5S) and the mayor of Naples, Lugi de Magistris, visited the international exhibition Vebo – wedding favors, gifts and home – the first Italian exhibition of the sector to reopen the fairgrounds of the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples after the lockdown.

The first Neapolitan citizen, a constant visitor over the years of the fair, invited the exhibitors not to give up, encouraging them to move forward despite the difficulties but not to stay at home.

“It’s a difficult time, but it’s in the difficult times that you can see the people who are worth – said de Magistris – and I’m here to express appreciation for those who have not given up the stand, for those who have been there making low numbers, but this is appreciated: if you lock yourself in the house and give up you have already lost, if you fight you can also win and we are here to try to fight at the time of the pandemic.”

Then de Magistris launched a jab at Governor De Luca: “Politics and institutions should have the ability to never lose common sense and make individual and collective responsibility for health coexist, which is the priority, but this does not necessarily mean having to give up the rest of the rights and life. So we don’t need terrorist proclamations, we don’t need panic and we don’t need alarm, we need responsibility, rigor, courage, common sense and to extend our hand even if we can’t give it to each other, to be united with a sense of community”.

The final day of Vebo also saw the presence of MPs Antonio Tasso (Mixed Group) and Alessandro Amitrano (M5S), a member of the secretariat of the President of the House Roberto Fico. The parliamentarians are at the side of the sector represented by AIRB (Italian Association of Gifts, Favors, Wedding and Confetti) for some time having, with their commitment, obtained a recognition of 5 million euro non-refundable, for the production segment and its chain, in the decree Relaunch.

Their participation in the AIRB national convention provided further guarantees to the sector, which counts about 500 thousand operators in the sector and has a turnover of 36 billion euros per year. The difficulties caused by Covid 19 have brought to its knees the Wedding world and its specific supply chain of wedding favors, sugared almonds and gifts. Reassuring words, with institutional aid in the field of product and image promotion, have concluded their interventions at the convention.

Luciano Paulillo, organizer of the international exhibition Vebo, was also satisfied: “Of course it was a reduced edition, a Special Edition, going from the usual 260 exhibitors in seven pavilions to the current 50 in only two, but it was necessary to give continuity to the fair and above all a strong signal of recovery. It was not a fair where there were strong commercial exchanges, being intended for operators in the sector, but we looked into the eyes to be able to move forward together, thanks to the participation of government representatives we can point to a better 2021 and maybe successful for the entire wedding industry.