The 2016 Vebo Award Edition was a triumph for the Made in Italy, by the awarding of the collections of the best companies from all over Italy.

Here is a list of the winning companies for each category:

  • Exhibitor company of the year Award, bonbonniere industry – Industry journalists attending the show chose the company Lemir (Naples) as winner, for the invention of an absolutely customizable and modular bonbonniere, inspired by the current trend.
  • Exhibitor company of the Year Award, gift industry – The selection of the winner fell on the company Egizia (Siena), for an original author’s gift concerning the production of fragrances, vases, glasses with decoration in gold and silver, but also with bright colours like yellow and blue.
  • Exhibitor company of the year, home décor industry – First place for Michielotto (Mantova), for the ceramics manufacture according to the company’s historic trend, with the creation of design works in steel and wood, but also in ceramic, both white and colourful, with floral recalls.
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